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CRITICAL Success Factor #1

Here we go again.   Don’t you just love it when someone asks your opinion of something that you actually happen to know a LOT about, you give them the answer, then they proceed to argue with you?   It happened to me again last week.   And unfortunately it was one of those I-already-made-the-decision-so-I’m-only-asking-you-because-I-want-to-validate-in-my-own-mind-that-I-was-right kind of […]

Off Topic Friday: Divided We Fall

A voice of reason in the darkness. Hat tip to LM for the link. Thomas Paine looks good for a guy his age.

The Curse of OPM

How many times have you heard that OPM is the key to all the riches in real estate? Seriously – you can’t turn on a single late-night real estate tv infomercial without some fly-by-night “guru” with a Bentley and a bevy of blonde babes screeching at you about using OPM to make you rich beyond […]