Archives for August 2008

It's a Budget Buster!

In this real estate market there is no good reason to buy a property that you plan to hold and rent if it needs any more than about $2500 worth of work. It’s just not necessary, because there are so many great properties on the market – and I mean listed on the MLS and […]

Off-Topic Friday: Those Are NOT Double Stuff

We had a family crisis last weekend. A Red-Alert-level crisis. We were on our first solo family camping trip in the Waterloo State Recreation Area out past Chelsea. First time camping without a big group like the cub scouts. Aside from forgetting my trusty Swiss Army knife and a lighter for my cigars we did […]

Yes But Why THAT One?

As I move between the worlds of residential and commercial real estate I’m realizing more and more that the fundamentals of both are a lot alike. Having spent the last few years building up a portfolio of single family rental properties, I’ve developed some very strict and specific criteria to use in my screening process. […]