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When It Happens to Them It's a Recession – When It Happens to You It's a Depression

GREAT. I wrote a blog post a couple of days ago about Indymac shutting down it’s lending operations. Something about a Pig Through a Snake. Perhaps you read it – about capitalization issues taking down another lender – blah blah blah blah. It was mildly interesting but not earth shattering because, hey, it didn’t affect […]

I'm Fuzzy On the Whole Good/Bad Thing.

Be careful what you believe. The home sales numbers for June are out – and Hooray! Sales of homes were UP last month in the metro area over June last year! And not just UP – but up almost 12%! Let’s throw a parade a celebrate the bottom of the real estate market here in […]

A Pig Through a Snake

The carnage and destruction of the mortgage industry continues – with no end in sight. Just days after Countrywide became part of Bank of America on July 1, Indymac Bancorp, the 11th largest producer of US home mortgages, suspended their lending operations yesterday and immediately stopped accepting any new retail or wholesale mortgage applications.   […]