Archives for May 2008

Cash Flow Reigns Once Again

I love the Wall Street Journal! It’s often the only ray of objectivity in this ridiculously overcrowded and juvenile media that we’re constantly subjected to. Case in point – there’s a great article today about the “return” to cash flow. While I disagree that prudent investors ever abandoned it, I’m gratified that they realize that […]

Too Little, Too Late. A Friday Afternoon Rant.

Pop quiz  – when was the last time that the government at any level got something right? Time’s up. Did you come up with anything? Nope neither did I. I wish that they would just STOP TRYING. I have finally come to the conclusion that INACTION on their part is the safest thing for us. […]

So Tell Me Again – WHY Aren't You Buying Here??

I know that for most of you I have been preaching to the choir about the opportunities in real estate in the Metro Detroit area. But it’s nice to see some validation of it once in a while. The article below is taken from the Detroit News today, and it speaks volumes on the paradox […]