Archives for May 2008

The Coming Alt-A Mortgage Apocalypse

According to the Scotsman Guide, the Alt-A mortgage is primarily a credit-score driven product, as its borrowers don’t have proof of income from traditional employment. The Alt-A loan alleviates the challenges associated with due diligence, such as providing income verification and documentation of assets. On the flip side, for this convenience, borrowers do pay a […]

Risk v Reward

Must be the week for hot button issues. Personal productivity yesterday and the Risk-Reward tradeoff today. I was having coffee (the usual: venti house blend – three creams) a while back with a very close friend and his wife. We were talking about doing some business together, and in particular he wanted to pick my […]

How to Get More Done in the Next Seven Days Than You Did All Last Month

I happen to be pretty adept at getting things done. A LOT of things done. I have to be. I have a high visibility job with a global consulting firm and a client that is one of the top three biggest companies in the world. I serve on three committees in my community. I have […]