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The Myth of "Win-Win"

I’m sure that you have seen the news reports out of Ohio during the last week. First one, then a second Federal Judge dismissed foreclosure proceedings because the lenders “failed to prove that they owned the properties they were trying to seize”. That’s a complicated way of saying that the paperwork is screwed up. (If […]

Can You Afford to Lose Any MORE Ground?

This is the performance of your retirement account while you have been investing in the stock market over the last six months. Look familiar?    Take a closer look at the chart – over the last six months the market has been down – despite those huge peaks that you see. That means a negative ROI – […]

Well What About Michigan?

I have received some interesting responses to my “10 Things” post. When I wrote it my personal feeling was that there would be a massive “piling on” because things seem to be so bad here, and that I would be taken to task because I went so easy on the area. To my surprise quite […]