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Get Ready for the Tidal Wave . . . .

I received an interesting call yesterday. Turns out the caller, who’s part of a fairly large and well known real estate company (at least around the Detroit News classified ads), had just picked up a block of 100 foreclosures directly from a lender without going through a realtor. Big deal you say. Happens all the […]

Michigan out 28,000 jobs – August's 7.4% jobless rate is 14-year high.

Excerpted from the Detroit News this morning. . . .   Michigan‘s unemployment rate in August was the worst since since September 1993.   Massive automotive buyouts and a sharp decline in residential construction were cited as factors for the state’s jobless rate.  Last month 28,000 jobs were lost in Michigan, bringing the total number lost since this time […]

A Tale of Two Painters

I am perplexed. If you read the paper you can tell how bad the housing market is here. With that comes the decline in home improvement which hits the trades people hard. Very hard. I know of at least three crews that I had bid jobs over the winter that are no longer in the […]