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Introducing – NOOP

For those of you familiar with the real estate market in the Detroit area, you know that this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to build a real estate portfolio. Yes, I’m sure that you’re all used to the bombast and hyperbole inherent to bogs. But I’m serious about this. Dead serious. Why? Let […]

They Did WHAT?!?

WOW. Again. I had written up a long follow-up post on this Federal Reserve intervention that I had planned to post yesterday, but I got hung up in meetings and couldn’t get to it. I wrote long (and eloquently, I might add) about how there was NO possible way that after their dump-and-run “liquidity injection” […]

The Sins of the Past

Wow. I never thought that I’d see it happen. The Federal Reserve, that mysterious, secretive, “quasi-governmental” entity that has made a regular habit of thumbing it’s nose at the general pubic and the day to day performance of the market, has succumbed. They have fallen. They have gone over to the dark side and made […]