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Follow the Herd – And You Know What Happens

So – what kind of person are you? Are you one of those people that listens to the screamers and over-reacters? Or perhaps are you’re a chicken little yourself? You know the kind of person I’m talking about – they spend all of their time running up and down the street with their dress up […]

Tools, Systems, and Processes

I realized the other day how much I really don’t like working on houses. Sounds odd coming from someone with a real estate business, doesn’t it? But I’m not alone. Most of the people that know in this business are the same – they really don’t like doing the work themselves. And for good reason. […]

Want to LAUGH at the Stock Market Volatility?

Ever since the dot com bubble burst in 2000 and the catastrophic events of 9-11, as a country we have been struggling to recover the value in our retirement accounts. One article that I read indicated that the losses in value due to these two events were as high as 60%.With the overall market averaging […]